Fiori for FM

Fiori for FM is a plug and play Fiori app which enables read Function Modules to view as Fiori App on your Fiori Launchpad. Based on the FM Structure, the app generates the screen without writing a single line of code.

Our dynamic programming model converts the FM and generates a dynamic oData model for the UI consumption. And our super dynamic Fiori app renders the UI with the the generated OData model.

You can leverage all your existing read FMs for simple reporting in minutes without writing a single line of code. And you can create as many as tiles for different Function Modules as need.

All generated Fiori apps comes with Export to Excel feature by default.


  • Configure FM name as Tile configuration parameter.
  • Configure visible Input tables and columns.
  • Configure visible Output tables and columns.
  • Select Tables & Columns as required.
  • Inherited i18n support from FM.

Watch the App Demo:

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