SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform

The multi-faceted nature of the SAP Cloud Platform is allowing companies to implement it in different ways to derive maximum business value. HANA has the potential to improve pretty much all critical enterprise functions, from marketing and finance to customer service and logistics.

If you haven’t yet taken your organization’s SAP infrastructure to the cloud, SAP CP can still offer a number of advantages. Reinforced with microservices that keep evolving, SAP CP has everything you could ask for in order to create customer portals, mobile applications, and mashup applications to try new things and innovate.

With Quality Idea Labs, you can explore the SAP CP landscape more closely to identify various possibilities that contribute consistent value throughout your organization.

Here are some instances of how our SAP CP experts have assisted clients:

  • A complete move to the SAP Cloud platform
  • Development of IoT scenarios using SAP IoT Services
  • Secure integration of SAP CP with on-premise SAP systems
  • Development of SAP HANA pilots and proof-of-concepts
  • Use of SAP HANA architecture to improve the performance of one or more business processes
  • Development of secure mobile applications


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