Petrosys is a powerful outlet management software enabling petrol pumps (fuel retail outlets) operate more efficiently, saving time, enhancing productivity and delivering measurable botton line benefits. The product’s reporting module comprises of 25 different reports built on a robust cloud platform for anywhere, anytime accessibility.

We’ve had a successful run so far with 50 clients, and product demand is growing at an accelerated pace.


  • A highly intuitive software that outlet managers or accountants with minimal technical knowledge can operate easily and confidently
  • Extensive reporting abilities covering all outlet functions
  • Actionable insights into transactions for more effective strategizing and planning
  • Role-based authorization and access for a controlled, secure system
  • Personalized training and complete support


Product features
PetroSys product helps Petrol & Gas Outlets(Petrol pumps) operating in the Indian market. Product supported features:

  • Sales Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Lube Product Management
  • Customer Management
  • Expense Management
  • Price Management
  • Capital Management
  • Monthly Balance Sheet & Profit-Loss Sheets
  • Bank Transactions Tracking
  • Company Account Management
  • License Expiration Reminders
  • Employee Management (Shifts, Salaries, Loan Accounts)
  • SMS Alerts
  • End customer Login
    & Many more features


Petrosys is licensed in a subscription-based format. You only need to pay a competitive yearly fee to start using the software. For more details and a free demo, please contact our sales team at