Fiori Accelerator

Fiori Accelerator simplifies the development of SAP Fiori/UI5 desktop and mobile applications, and consequently, enables their early launch or deployment. If you’re looking to build a Fiori application but don’t have the HTML5 or Javascript skills to initiate the project, Fiori Accelerator is exactly what you need. Does a mission-critical application need to be delivered immediately? Fiori Accelerator can make it happen.

What exactly is it?
Fiori Accelerator is a cloud-based tool that designers and businesses are leveraging to boost application lifecycle speed, including prototyping, development, packaging and deployment. Its features include zero coding and a visual editor. You can utilize the WYSIWYG editor to map the fields from the OData structure to the predefined templates. Ease-of-use, live preview of the generated applications, and instant download of the generated code contribute to faster app development. Note that Fiori Accelerator is not a replacement for SAP WebIDE or Eclipse; the generated code can be extended with WebIDE/Eclipse for further maintenance.

Spyvee LLC is our sales and marketing partner offering first-level support from their US and Canada offices. Remote second and third level support is provided via QIL.

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