FASt Reports for Fiori

FASt Reports for Fiori  –  is a dynamic reporting app which works for GET RFC/FM, SQVi and ALV reports as a common Fiori App. Any existing FM/SQVi View/ALV Report can be Fiori enabled without writing OData services or UI code. The app generates Input/Output/Table structures from FM/SQVi View/ALV metadata along with Labels, Search Helps etc.

How it works? Once FASt framework is deployed into the landscape, we just need to configure the tiles with few parameters like “Program Name” and “Program Type”. The FASt Reports for Fiori generic framework understands the structure of the program and renders the screen with related input/output structures. No additional UI or backend coding is required. Our generic OData layer handles all the conversions of input and output structures.

Key Features:

  • Predefined columns and sorting options.
  • Predefined table structure selection for better performance.
  • Export to excel.
  • In built internationalization support.
  • Automatic labels & search helps.

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