About Us

Businesses today are being led by digital transformation. Information technology has emerged as the single biggest driver of growth, enabling more efficient operations and empowering people to do more in less time. Established in 2014, Quality Ideas Lab is making a difference in the way companies align their business goals with their IT capabilities through our value-focused products and services.

The Quality Ideas Lab team comprises of heavy-hitters from the IT world, some of the sharpest minds you’ll meet and whose brains you would love to pick over coffee or dinner. Our technologists have deep industry knowledge and extensive experience working with businesses and teams across niches. They apply their insights to solve common and uncommon business challenges in the quickest time and in the most economical and painless manner. If you wish that every project went smoothly and there were fewer hiccups along the way, we can point you to pitfalls and show you opportunities to leverage. To this end, we’re constantly fostering an encouraging, rewarding and safe environment for our team.

It is our goal to provide high-quality, agile solutions that meet your operational goals – on the efficiency or productivity fronts – or tie into your larger strategic vision – offer stellar products, improve customer satisfaction by 10x, or cut down time-to-market. Consider us an extension of your own team, guiding you through every step of your consultation, implementation and support.